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David Emanuel - Chairman at VWV


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How Can David Help You?

David is a highly experienced company lawyer and works with corporate clients, including many family owned businesses, on structuring, mergers and acquisitions and succession and exit issues. This long experience gives him the ability to offer a strategic overview, looking beyond the detail of a specific situation towards the client's longer term and holistic goals.

Meeting Your Needs

Businesses are run by individuals responsible to their stakeholders. Whatever your experience, you will inevitably feel the pressure of the moment, and David's job is to guide you calmly through the process as a trusted adviser, helping you make the right decisions. David says it is always a privilege to act for people at key moments in their business lives.

What Others SayUK recommended lawyer 2015

David has been recognised in the Legal Directories for many years by clients and peers, not only for his ability as a Banking and Corporate lawyer, but also for the commercial and common sense approach he brings to negotiations, helping all parties to understand and fairly apportion risk to get the deal done. David was awarded 2015 CEO of the Year by Acquisition International who examined the achievements of thousands of business leaders, looking at the contributions and accomplishments they have made to their companies over the year.

What You Might Like to Know

David is the firm's Chairman and also head of Family Business in our London office. A modern day Mr Bennett, he lives in the Weald of Kent with his lovely wife, a family mediator, several delightful daughters, four Romney sheep and a dog (all female), none of whom share his interest in classic cars and concern for Fulham FC.