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Introducing OnStream for Academies

on Wednesday, 01 March 2017.

Our free portal to help keep your Trust up to date with compliance and legal developments

We understand from our clients that keeping up with regulatory compliance and legal developments is a constant challenge. We are working to help you meet these challenges in a way which saves you time and resource whilst providing greater assurance that your Trust is compliant.

We have just launched OnStream for MATs and Academies. We are delighted by how many of our clients have already signed up. Registration is free for our clients and can be accessed by your trustees, governors and senior leaders below.

Available on the portal is a wide range of free advice notes and documentation designed to make your life easier. The site also has information about our retainer services and fixed fee products which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of MATs and academies and save you having to reinvent the wheel. We are continuing to develop new material all of the time and will keep you updated as this becomes available.

For more information, contact Chloe Brunton in our Academies team on 0117 314 5301.

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