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Information Commissioner Issues First Fines Over Data Protection Fee

on Thursday, 13 December 2018.

Have you paid your data protection fee?

Many people (mistakenly) think that because under the new GDPR regime they don't have to register with the ICO, they also no longer have to pay a fee. More than 100 people have just found out the hard way that they should have paid one and have been fined between £400 and £4,350.

If you process personal data electronically, for example for consultancy and advisory services or for giving financial advice, you must pay the fee. The amount will depend on the size of your business  and ranges from £40 for small businesses up to £2,900 for larger ones.

You will also automatically be liable for the fee if you use CCTV at your business premises even if you would otherwise be exempt. The use of CCTV for domestic purposes at your home is exempt - even if it films beyond your boundary. 

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Wish to find out more about data protection fees? Please contact Serena Tierney or Sarah Thorley, in our Data Protection team, on 020 7665 0817.