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GP Super-Federations - When a Federation is not Enough

on Wednesday, 09 December 2015.

GP federations are well established now and many are very successful.

Being geographically defined though, there is a horizon to initial opportunities and many will not consider work beyond CCG boundaries.

However, federating with other federations to help integrate primary care with other organisations that work over a wider area may help exploit other opportunities. This could include:

  • NHS trusts
  • local authorities
  • charitable and third sector organisations

Up-scaling management should not be hard as the decision-making infrastructure is in place for each federation.

GP Super-Federations

Just as super-partnerships may re-define the delivery of primary care contracts, super-federations could do the same for contracts for services.

For more information, please contact Oliver Pool in our Healthcare team on 0117 314 5429.

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