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Will 'Force Majeure' Protect Public Sector Contracts?

on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

The Government is taking increasingly challenging steps to respond to Coronavirus, but what impact does this have on public sector contracts?

The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) is a potentially high-impact event, outside of the control of Public Sector organisations. But what rights do you have if your suppliers (deliveries, cleaners, waste collectors and other contractors) are prevented from performing their contractual obligations due to the coronavirus outbreak?

The instinct of many suppliers is that this is exactly the sort of scenario the 'force majeure' provision in their contracts will cover. Tucked away near the end of the contract, rarely read, is an assumption that this old friend will ride to the rescue of suppliers and organisations including those in the Public Sector trying to manage their response to coronavirus. But is that a safe assumption?

Will Force Majeure Protect My Organisation from the Coronavirus?

For more information on how the force Majeure could help to protect your organisation from the coronavirus, please see our previous article for all the key information.

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If you would like specialist advice on the impact of coronavirus on your organisation, including help with the wording in a new contract, please contact Ed Rimmell, in our Commercial team, on 0117 314 5232 , or complete the form below.

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