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Getting 'Match Fit' - Recruitment Terms and Conditions with Clients

on Friday, 11 September 2020.

As part of our series of 'how to' guides for reviewing your key legal documents, we're looking next at terms and conditions with clients.

Your terms and conditions with your placement clients might change over the next few months.

Both parties might be willing to negotiate some ground to get deals done. Have you got revised terms to cover the changes to IR35, for example? 

Do you know which of your terms you're willing to concede and which are deal-breakers?

You might be familiar with the term 'boilerplate' clauses, which refers to clauses that really only the lawyers are interested in. Except during a pandemic, when everyone wanted to know and understand the impact of their force majeure clauses.

If you have the time now, we would recommend you spend some time getting to know your contract and understanding what all the clauses do. As with your terms for candidates, if you can't tell within two minutes of looking at the document what the extent of the services you are supplying is, and how money is going to flow between the parties, then they need a review.

Make sure you're comfortable with the limitations of liability and any indemnities. Check your force majeure clause covers off events outside the parties control. Make sure the jurisdiction clause is appropriate for the way you work - if you work in England and Wales only, make sure it reflects that.

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If you need a review of the terms and conditions used within your recruitment business, please contact Michael Delaney (07909 912564) or complete the form below.

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