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Employment Update - An Overview of the Latest Key Issues

on Monday, 09 October 2017.

The summer period has been a particularly busy time for employment law. The key themes keeping the Employment Tribunals busy have included worker status, whistleblowing and discrimination.

We have also seen the successful challenge to the Employment Tribunal fee regime and HMRC taking rigorous enforcement action in relation to the national minimum wage. 

From now on, all of our employment updates for independent schools will be uploaded on a monthly basis to OnStream. If you have not already registered for OnStream, it is free to do so and enables you to access a wide range of useful resources.

Since June 2017, we covered the following:

Pay and the National Minimum Wage

  • How do you calculate a day's pay?
  • Pay averaging and the national living wage
  • Voluntary overtime must be included in holiday pay

Worker Status

  • Engaging self-employed contractors: what you need to consider
  • The Taylor Review - defining the modern day worker

Employment Tribunal Fees and Compensation

  • Employment Tribunal fees
  • Employment Tribunal fees - tribunal allows out of time discrimination claim

Discrimination and Family Friendly Rights 

  • Can a school's failure to pay enhanced shared parental pay constitute direct sex discrimination?
  • Independent contracting - extending vicarious liability in sexual assault cases
  • Discrimination claims - increased compensation for injury to feelings
  • ACAS issues new guidance on supporting parents with premature or sick babies


  • Whistleblower protection - what's the 'public interest'?
  • Whistleblowing - is it up to employers to decide if disclosure is protected?


  • High court holds that suspension amounted to breach of contract
  • Gross negligence - can employees be disciplined for failing to act?

For further information on any of the areas discussed please do contact Simon Bevan, in our Employment Law team, on 0117 314 5238, or Alice Reeve on 0117 314 5383. 

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