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Remote Learning and Commercial Opportunities for Schools

on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

Having developed very effective remote learning provision in response to the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19), many schools are now considering how they might leverage that experience in order to access new markets for their services.

Remote learning offerings which schools are considering range from the relatively narrow provision of downloadable short revision courses with no 'live' content, through to very comprehensive 'full school experiences' delivered remotely.

During our recent webinar (a recording of which you can access here) our remote learning specialists discussed some of the important legal areas which schools will need to consider when putting together their remote learning offering. Those areas include:

  • dealing with IT platform providers, and making sure that they take responsibility for ensuring that the IT platform on which you rely to deliver remote learning is (and will remain) fit for purpose
  • putting in place appropriate terms and conditions with parents, and ensuring that - as between the IT platform provider and the school - it is clear who is responsible for that relationship, and what that involves
  • ensuring that your brand, and the content that is created for the remote-learning provision, is appropriately protected and that you have all necessary rights in it
  • ensuring that the contractual (and practical) arrangements support your school's compliance with its data protection obligations
  • understanding the DfE's accreditation scheme for online education, and whether (and how) schools might take advantage of it

We are working with a number of schools who are exploring remote learning as an exciting new addition to their offering. If you are thinking along those lines, we would be happy to discuss with you - by reference to the particular model that you have in mind - which areas you should focus on, and how we might support you in that.

Coronavirus Legal Advice

If you would like to discuss how we might support you in exploring remote learning opportunities, please get in touch with Ed Rimmell in our Commercial Law team on 07788 313 299, or complete the form below.

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