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 Webinar: Charity Mergers - A Look Behind the Legal Process

Webinar: Charity Mergers - A Look Behind the Legal Process

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2 Mar 2021

10.00am - 11.00am

In the current climate, charities will be looking at their strategic options closer than ever. For many an analysis of mergers with one or more other charities will, or should be, part of that process. However, the legal aspects of a charity merger can be off-putting for many.

The webinar aims to explain the principles to assist charities in looking at their strategic opportunities around this topic, including:

  • the benefits of charity mergers and why it is sometimes considered taboo in the sector
  • when trustees need to consider mergers as an option
  • what a charity should expect as part of a merger process
  • how a charity considering mergers can get itself "merger ready”

The webinar will give practical tips to trustees, chief executives, and finance directors (as well as other stakeholders) on the merger process, and improve knowledge and understanding on the topic to assist charities in making strategic decisions in the interests of their beneficiaries.


Please note that attendance at this webinar (and any questions asked) is anonymous. If you have any questions, please email them to our Events team.

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