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Gender Pay Report 2022

Gender Pay Report 2022

At VWV, we are committed to treating all of our staff equally across all of our locations. This includes opportunities for reward, recognition and support for career progression.

A positive approach to diversity and inclusion is central to our recruitment and employment practices. This is also reflected in our core values. We are confident that we have robust policies and procedures in place to achieve equal pay but we have a gender pay gap as we have set out below.

We think our pay gap arises predominantly because the majority of our support staff are female. Those roles are paid less when compared with the majority of our male employees who are in qualified roles in our business, which attracts higher pay. As our bonus scheme is based on a percentage of pay, our bonus pay figures reflect a similar pay gap.

During the pandemic the Government did not require businesses to report their Gender Pay Gap information, however we chose to still publish the statutory figures.

We are committed to exploring further the reasons for the gender pay gap and will look at ways to narrow the pay gap where possible.

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Simon Heald
Managing Partner

Statutory Information

VWV is required to publish an annual gender pay gap report on its website and to also upload the statistics to the government website. Data has to be gathered on a snapshot date (5 April 2021) and our data statistics are as follows:

  1. Gender Pay Gap for Employees
  2. Pay Quartiles
  3. Bonus Pay Gap for Employees
  4. Gender Pay Gap for LLP Members

Gender Pay Gap for Employees

We are required to publish overall gender pay gap figures calculated using both the mean and the median average hourly pay which has been calculated in accordance with guidance contained within the regulations.

  • The 'mean' is the sum of all of the hourly pay rates divided by the number of males/females, as appropriate.
  • The 'median' is the mid-point when all of the hourly rates are sorted in ascending order.
  Mean   Median
   18.4%  25.3%

Pay Quartiles

Set out below is the proportion of male and female employees in each of four pay quartiles, based on our overall pay range (not making any distinctions in relation to roles or whether a fee earner or not).

2022 Quartile

Bonus Pay Gap for Employees

Information of our gender bonus gap (ie, the difference between men and women's mean and median bonus pay over a 12 month period) is set out below, together with details of the proportion of male and female employees who received a bonus in the same 12 month period.

2022 Bonus

   Mean     Median 
15.5% 16.7%