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VWV secures win in tender process for Wiltshire Council's legal services framework

on Tuesday, 30 January 2024.

In a significant step expanding its legal services within the public sector, VWV has announced a successful bid to offer comprehensive legal expertise to Wiltshire Council.

Allison Cook, head of Public Sector at VWV

Allison Cook, head of Public Sector at VWV.

Following a competitive tender process, VWV has a panel position on the newly established Wiltshire Council Legal Services Framework, securing the ability to deliver legal services to four key lots, covering Employment, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Legal Government Matters, and Commercial Matters.

This achievement underscores VWV's commitment to supplying expert legal support to local authorities. By establishing a presence on this legal framework, VWV seeks to strengthen its ties with public sector clients to expand their commitment to providing high-quality services.

Here at VWV, we have a longstanding commitment to supporting public sector bodies, and for more than two decades have offered a Local Government Training Partnership (LGTP) to our clients. The firm has consistently demonstrated its willingness and effectiveness to work in collaboration with Councils' in-house legal teams, whether providing direct support or in a broader mentoring capacity.

Allison Cook, Head of Public Sector at VWV, led the tender process and commented "We are delighted to have been appointed to provide legal services to Wiltshire Council. Our appointment underlines not only our commitment to the sector but also our experience and expertise working with Local Government. We are looking forward to working with the Council, providing legal support and assisting them as they look to continue to deliver their services to the residents of Wiltshire".

With a term of four years, we consider this a fantastic opportunity to actively contribute to the growth and success of the county of Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Council, overseeing a population of more than 500,000 residents, is committed in its plan to empower the people of Wiltshire. The Council also aims to be at the forefront of addressing the dynamic challenges posed by impending climate issues.

Perry Holmes, Director of Legal and Governance at Wiltshire Council, acknowledges VWV's commitment, stating, “Our vision is to build stronger, more resilient communities and our core values underpin what we do, what we stand for and who we work with. It’s my pleasure to welcome VWV to our legal framework following a rigorous tender process and I look forward to working with its team towards our shared goal – to make a difference in our communities.”

This strategic partnership not only underscores our commitment to excellence in the public sector but also signifies a collaborative effort to address the legal needs of Wiltshire Council. The achievement reaffirms VWV's position as a key player in providing legal services to the public sector.