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Kellie Thatcher - Commercial Litigation Solicitor at VWV


0117 314 5462

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How Can Kellie Help You?

Kellie has many years' experience advising a range of large and small commercial businesses on their contractual and commercial disputes, including energy & utilities disputes and debt recovery.

Kellie has a proven track record in dealing with contract disputes involving deemed, extended and standard rates. By utilising her knowledge of energy law, she also understands and advises on regulatory requirements such as the Balancing Settlement Code, Back Billing Policy, and the licensing requirements for supplying electricity.

She has been involved in roundtable discussions and mediations, resulting in successful recoveries, and including running cases to trial and obtaining judgment and costs for the Claimant(s). Kellie has also handled several bankruptcies and winding up matters and regularly advises client's on the best course of action for their particular matters.

Meeting Your Needs

By understanding your sector Kellie tailors the solution to your dispute, and will also work with you in respect of commercially sensitive information for your business.

With substantial experience in the court process, and the defences raised in commercial and utility disputes, Kellie can advise you on the prospects and risks of your case, and narrow down the genuine points of dispute.

What Others Say

'Her knowledge of the energy and utilities industry provides the client with confidence to take a given course of action.'

'Kellie is very approachable and her knowledge and expertise has helped to deliver cost effective and practical solutions to complex commercial disputes. She is always at hand to guide the client through the Court processes and provides clear and transparent advice to help achieve her clients' aims.'

What You Might Like to Know

Kellie is a keen runner having completed the London and Edinburgh marathon and numerous half marathons and other races. Kellie has also trained a number of people to achieve their running goals.

As a member of a large charitable organisation, Kellie also has a passion for raising money for charity and helping with charitable events.