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Settlement agreement solicitors

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Settlement agreement solicitors in London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham

Settlement agreements are normally used when bringing an employment relationship to an end, in a way agreed by both the employer and employee, to reach a conclusion to a workplace dispute.

A settlement agreement is a legally binding document which sets out mutually agreed terms and conditions to settle a potential employment tribunal claim, or other court proceedings.

Our experienced settlement agreement solicitors assist both employers and employees to reach amicable agreements to resolve such disputes. Reaching an amicable agreement can avoid substantial costs incurred bringing or defending an employment tribunal claim.

For specialist and cost effective legal advice, contact Rebecca Fox on 01923 919 323

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Settlement agreement advice for employees

For employees, a properly negotiated agreement can be a highly effective method to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the termination of your employment.

Why do I need a solicitor to review my settlement agreement?

Though you may have agreed the terms of your agreement in principle, you will still require legal advice to ensure that you fully understand the terms of the agreement, and in particular how it will affect your ability to bring a claim against your employer.

How much does a settlement agreement cost?

In simple cases we provide the employee with advice on the terms and implications of the agreement, discuss the circumstances of your employment and provide advice on the amount of compensation you have been offered.

Typically, employers offer a contribution towards legal costs and it may be sufficient to cover your legal fees.

However, in more complex cases where an employee wishes to challenge the amount offered or to re-draft the agreement, the legal fees will increase. This may require costs over the employers agreed contribution to be paid by the employee.

In any case, our legal fees are transparent so that our clients are fully informed of costs throughout the process.

Will my employer pay increased costs?

In some cases, the employer may be willing to increase their contribution towards the legal cost of the settlement agreement. Our solicitors can negotiate with your employer on your behalf if changes to the agreement are required that will incur additional legal costs.

Settlement agreement advice for employers

Our settlement agreement solicitors have extensive experience in drafting agreements for employers and negotiating on the employer's behalf, in a cost effective way. These settlement agreements are drafted to effectively settle employment claims.

For organisations making redundancies on a large scale, we can make the process more economical and efficient for you by drafting bulk settlement agreements.

If we are not instructed by you in relation to the settlement agreement, we can also provide independent, cost effective legal advice to your employees. Our settlement agreement solicitors have experience advising large numbers of employees from the same organisation. This will help you save time and money, as you will only need to deal with one law firm.

London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham employment solicitors

Our employment law solicitors are based in London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham and are specialists at negotiating cost effective settlement agreements for both employers and employees.

For specialist legal advice from experienced settlement agreement solicitors, please contact Rebecca Fox on 01923 919 323.

The team has wide experience and excellent subject knowledge and is at the forefront of employment law practice for charities and independent schools.

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