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Mediation and divorce solicitors

Many couples struggle to agree on issues arising from their separation, such as finances, property and child arrangements. Mediation can be a very effective process in working towards a resolution.

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What is mediation?

Family Mediation involves you both working with a professional Mediator to understand the issues on both sides and then working together to try and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. It is an honest and open dialogue between two people and requires commitment to the process from both sides. Mediation is more cost-effective than the traditional solicitor-led negotiations and litigation/court-based applications. It can also help create a more positive relationship and help families move forward following separation.

The mediator will, where appropriate, provide legal information to enable you and your partner to make informed decisions. Many clients that use mediation also have their own solicitor to provide bespoke advice in the background and this can be helpful within the mediation process.

What is the process?

  • Initial enquiry

  • Initial telephone call with our mediator

  • Attendance at an individual mediation information meeting

  • Attendance at the first joint session which usually lasts for 90 minutes.  Further joint sessions then follow as required

  • Once an agreement has been reached our mediator will prepare the relevant written documents known as the Memorandum of Understanding, Open Financial Statement and Parenting Plan (if relevant)

The four principles of mediation

Mediation is voluntary
Both parties have to want to enter the process and either can stop the process at any time. There is generally an expectation that couples will attempt to resolve their differences before commencing litigation, but mediation it is not always suitable or appropriate in some circumstances.

Mediators are impartial
The Mediator does not take sides and is there to support both of you through the process. Mediators do not give advice, although they are able to provide information about legal principles and explain what you should be considering in the negotiations.

Mediation is confidential
Information shared with the Mediator is kept confidential, subject to some limited exceptions. Proposals made within mediation cannot be referred to in any subsequent court proceedings.

You're in charge
It is not the Mediators role to make decisions and the participants remain in charge of the process throughout. Any proposals will only become legally binding if you ask your lawyers to record the agreement into a legally binding document.

Why use mediation?

  • It can lead to improved communication with your ex-partner.

  • It gives you access to pragmatic and impartial advice.

  • It helps you make informed decisions.

  • It is more cost-effective than court.

  • It can reduce conflict, stress and anxiety.

  • It allows you and your partner to take control of the situation rather than a judge decide the outcome.

  • It can help with legal and non-legal issues – for example setting boundaries on parenting.

Why choose VWV?

Our Mediator has many years experience dealing with a range of disputes and can assist you in reaching a resolution.

Mediation can take place virtually (via MS Teams) or in person at one of our offices.

"Bindu guided me through a maze with a light hand and a human touch. She made life easier rather than hard and I entrust her to make the right decisions at the right time. Thank you for all your help, patience and guidance."

  • Anonymous

For specialist advice from experienced divorce solicitors, please contact Samantha Hickman on 0117 314 5435 or complete the below form.

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