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GP Practice Mergers

GP Practice Mergers

Legal Advice on GP Practice Mergers

We have been dealing with GP practice mergers for over 20 years, but in the last few years mergers have become more and more common. A merger may be an attempt to achieve economies of scale, but increasingly they are a solution to GP practices being unable to recruit, despite being otherwise sound. 

Our dedicated team of primary care lawyers have the experience and legal expertise to help you every step of the way, please contact Oliver Pool on 0117 314 5429.

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Practical Tasks for the GP Practice Manager

A GP practice merger means a lot of work for a GP Practice Manager, who will have to deal with a lot of the 'heavy lifting'. Many of our clients have been through this process and if you are a practice manager who is likely to be involved in running a merger we would be happy to put you in touch with others who will be happy to share their experiences.

Legal Structure of a GP Practice Merger

In legal terms, a GP practice merger can be effected by putting in place a new partnership deed, but before that stage the legal issues will have an impact on how you plan the merger.

We find that there are four key hurdles to a merger:

  1. Do the partners want to work together? If so…
  2. Can the practices be brought together financially in a way which is acceptable to both sets of partners? Accountancy advice is required at an early stage.
  3. Property ownership - how are the premises owned and occupied and how will this work after the merger? Often this requires a lot of time to discuss and agree.
  4. Governance - will the one-partner-one-vote model work in the new merged partnership? If not, what do you replace it with, and can all the partners get comfortable with that?

How can we help you?

Our cross-disciplinary Primary Care team can help advise on all the above and more, and can guide you through the GP merger process. We can also provide specialist employment law advice as there will inevitably be a TUPE transfer and on any CQC or regulatory issues that may arise.

For specialist legal advice on GP practice mergers, please contact Oliver Pool on 0117 314 5429.

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