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Your Personal Injury Claim - Did you get the best deal?

on Tuesday, 18 August 2015.

Do you think your personal injury claim has been under-settled? Have you received less compensation than you thought you would? Are you unhappy with how your claim is or was dealt with?

If so, we may be able to help you.

Personal Injury Specialists

As personal injury specialists, we are increasingly contacted by people who are unhappy with how their personal injury claim was dealt with.

Why is this?

There are many reasons.

  • A number of personal injury firms do high volume work which means that one claim handler can handle a large number of cases. There may be pressure on that person to settle cases quickly and at minimal cost.
  • You may feel under pressure into accepting an early offer.
  • Incorrect or insufficient evidence may be obtained and relied on and you may feel you were not properly advised.
  • It can sometimes be very difficult to speak to the person who is dealing with your claim.
  • Not all injuries resolve and what appears to be a minor injury can result in long term symptoms, which may not be initially obvious after an accident. Defendants increasingly make offers before medical evidence is obtained, even in serious injury cases. The reason for this is that it reduces the costs of a personal injury claim. However there is the risk that cases are being undervalued as it is very difficult to value cases properly without medical evidence.

How do we value claims?

We are specialists in valuing personal injury claims and negotiating settlements. We always speak to clients on the telephone and meet where necessary.  We follow up our advice in writing which is clear and understandable. Every client is treated as an individual.

We obtain all necessary evidence and more than one medical report, if required. As well as claiming compensation for your injury we can advise you about claiming your financial losses too. For example, lost earnings, care and assistance, travelling expenses, medication costs and treatment costs. We can also consider future costs, such as future loss of earnings, loss of pension, care costs, equipment costs and treatment costs. This is not an exhaustive list and we take into account your particular circumstances.

Settlements in personal injury claims normally are in full and final settlement. This means that once a claim is settled it is unable to be reopened at a later date. It is therefore critical that the case is properly valued and clients are properly advised as to the value of their claim and the likely risks of accepting an offer.

How can we help you?

If you think that your claim has been under settled or you are not happy with how it is being dealt with, please call us on 0117 314 5400.