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Google+ and YouTube Have Called it Quits

on Friday, 15 April 2016.

Brad Horowitz (Vice President of Google’s streams, photo and sharing services) has published a blog post announcing that Google is splitting Google+ from its other, more popular service, YouTube.

This change means that users are no longer required to sign-up to Google+ to post comments on YouTube. The decision comes after Google was criticised by YouTube vloggers over its “controversial” attempt to requiring people to register on Google+ to post comments on the video-sharing website. Reaction to the news has been positive with many YouTube video bloggers reacting to the news with “glee”, said Alex Brinnand, Managing Editor at TenEighty.

YouTube says comments users make on its pages will not show up on their Google+ profile. Google, however, says that the ability to create a YouTube channel, upload photos, or comment without a Google+ profile is still months away – and it’s warning users not to eradicate their Google+ profile before that day comes, since doing so will take away their whole YouTube presence.

Google insists that Google+ isn’t going away and will continue to produce a “more focused, more useful and more engaging Google+” for users who’ve grown to love it. But for others, it’ll be much easier to walk away from Google+ in the weeks to come.

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