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Cybersecurity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

on Friday, 18 December 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic means that an unprecedented number of individuals are now working from home.

One impact of this change is that many businesses are more vulnerable, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in cyber-crime.

We understand this may be a concern for you and would like to reassure you that throughout COVID-19 we continue to maintain the highest standards for data security.

Data protection and confidentiality are at the heart of the relationship with our clients, and our professional obligations remain the same irrespective of where our lawyers work. We work hard to ensure that your data is always secure, and access to this data is strictly limited to a minimum number of individuals and subject to confidentiality commitments. In addition, our staff remain fully trained and vigilant to all types of cyber security threats.

We hope that this provides some helpful reassurance. If you have any concerns however, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the form below.

Finally, just a reminder that it is still business as usual at VWV, and that we are here to support you with any of your legal needs.

Thank you and stay safe,

Simon Heald - Managing Partner

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