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New HR & Employment Law eLearning Launched for Managers

on Tuesday, 21 December 2021.

VWV Plus, has launched a series of bite-sized courses on its eLearning Solutions Platform that aim to equip individuals working in all sectors with the practical knowledge needed to tackle the day-to-day HR challenges they face.

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How Will This Benefit My Organisation?

  • Your team will be upskilled with up-to-date training on HR
  • Staff will have the flexibility to complete training at a time that suits them
  • The platform gives individuals the ability to refer back to training as and when they need a reminder of the legal guidance
  • Administrators will be able to evidence management training with a user-friendly online reporting tool
  • Legal issues are less likely to be escalated as staff will have the knowledge to deal with the problems they encounter

What Does the Course Cover?

Delivered by our employment lawyers at VWV and HR Consultants at Narrow Quay HR, the series of 9 courses cover:

  1. Conducting a disciplinary
  2. Carrying out an investigation
  3. Considering a flexible working request
  4. Dealing with a grievance
  5. Holding effective appraisals
  6. Holding a protected conversation
  7. Addressing performance issues
  8. Managing sickness absence
  9. Right to work checks

Each course includes a mix of short videos delivered by our experts, with case study scenarios and practical exercises to help the manager understand the issues.

Users of the platform can assign relevant courses to each manager in their team meaning all managers do not need to complete all eLearning courses.

Courses will be updated as and when there are changes in law and new courses will be added to respond to your needs. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The courses are included with any eLearning Solutions subscription from £600 +VAT per annum.

Visit the VWV Plus website for more information. Alternatively, call our Product and Sales Manager, Imogen Street on 07384 545 998 to book a free demo.