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Nick Martindale - Commercial Litigation Associate at VWV

Senior Associate

0117 314 5350

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How Can Nick Help You?

Nick specialises in professional negligence (not his own). If you've been badly advised by solicitors, surveyors, accountants, patent agents or any other professional then Nick will be able to help. He also deals with contractual and partnership disputes, particularly those in the healthcare field (where a lifetime of reluctantly listening to his family of medics talk shop is finally paying off).

Nick has experience in insolvency litigation, statutory demands and winding up petitions and so often deals with corporate administration, liquidation and personal bankruptcy. He has also brought and defended claims against directors for breach of directors duties or misfeasance as well as defended CDDA actions.

Generally, if you're involved in any kind of dispute, Nick will be happy to weigh in on your side.

Meeting Your Needs

After working his way round the commercial departments of the firm as a trainee solicitor, Nick mostly deals with commercial clients, although also acts on behalf of private individuals, particularly in partnership disputes or claims against directors. He is quick to build relationships with clients and takes a pragmatic approach to litigation. He also enjoys digging his heels in when the time requires.

What Others Say

Clients are impressed with Nick's ability to get into the detail at an early stage and his commitment to achieving a result. Opposing solicitors are usually less glowing in their praise, although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

What You Might Like to Know

In his spare time Nick enjoys sliding down mountains in out of the way places (Iran, Kashmir, the Cotswolds). He also takes part in various team sports where he is able to demonstrate his organisational skills (it's often the only way he gets to play), commitment to the cause and a stark disparity between perceived and actual ability.