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How to Ensure Your Organisation is Complying with the Data Protection Act

on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

Watch our latest video in which our expert lawyers answer questions on vital data protection law. This time we talk about compliance, and what to do to ensure that you can meet the requirements of the law.

Data protection law can feel overwhelming, and many organisations struggle to know where to start. 

Vicki Bowles, Partner and Barrister in our Commercial Law team, talks to Doug Locke about the three key elements of compliance, and what these mean in practice. 


DP staff know how to avoid a data breach


Watch the Video

The pair answer the key questions for assessing whether you are compliant with the law in this area, with practical tips on actions to take to assist.

Once familiar with the concepts here, look out for the future videos where they discuss areas such as data sharing and documentation in more detail. 


If you have any questions regarding privacy notices, please contact Vicki Bowles in the Data Protection team on 07469 245724, or complete the form below.

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