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Vicki Bowles - Partner (Barrister at Law) in Bristol

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Data Protection Partner (Barrister at Law) in Bristol

How Can Vicki Help You?

Vicki has extensive experience in advising schools, charities, businesses and public authorities on data protection and freedom of information

Her knowledge of the information commissioner and information tribunal mean that she is able to advice both strategically as well as practically, and she can help with general compliance (such as policies and agreements) as well as specific questions around subject access and other individual rights. 

Meeting Your Needs

Having started life as a VAT litigator before moving to the Charity Commission and then into private practice, Vicki's experience means that she understands the broader context of her client's organisation, and takes time to understand her client's specific needs. Vicki always aims to give advice that is clear, practical and tailored to the particular situation.

What You Might Like to Know

Vicki has spoken to a wide variety of audiences on data protection, including faith organisations, schools, charities and creative businesses. As a governor of Sherborne School, Vicki has chaired the sub-committee that oversaw Sherborne International, and is now chair of the Estates and Infrastructure Committee. She describes this as an 'eye-opener' in terms of understanding independent schools, as well as a challenge and a great experience. In addition to being a governor, Vicki is a keen weightlifter, runner and reader.