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Successful Compensation Claims

Successful Compensation Claims

Successful Personal Injury and Accident Claims

We will ensure that we get the best possible outcome for you following an accident or personal injury, to help you claim the compensation that you deserve. Here are just a few examples of successful compensation claims that we have dealt with recently:

Accident Abroad - Package Holiday Claim

Our client was injured as a result of an accident whilst on a package holiday in Tunisia. She booked a paragliding session which took place on her hotel's beach.

The idea was that she would be pulled along by a speedboat and that she would glide along in the air without coming into contact with the sea. The boat that was pulling our client had to turn sharply to avoid another boat. This caused a loss of speed, which resulted in our client falling from a height of some 30 to 40 metres and dropping deep into the sea and under water.

Our Clients' Perspective

Our client thought she was going to drown. She became caught up in the various strings and harnesses and could not escape. She lost consciousness and came to on the boat, having been pulled out of the water.

It was a terrifying experience and she suffered significant psychological trauma as a result.

How were we able to help?

The claim was pursued against the holiday company, pursuant to the Package, Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. Liability was denied.

One argument that the holiday company made was that the activity did not come within the package holiday as our client had to pay separately for the paragliding. We pointed out, however, that the activity was advertised in the holiday company's brochure and it took place on the hotel beach.

Ultimately, our client was successful and received a five figure sum of compensation.

Our client was "very happy" with the outcome and the service that we provided.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial compensation claims advice.

Asbestos Related Disease Claims 

The firm has particular expertise in advising those who have been exposed to asbestos causing a variety of illnesses, including asbestosis and mesothelioma. We have particular experience of representing dockers from both Avonmouth and the Bristol City Docks, where asbestos was imported into the city until the early 1970s.

We recently settled a claim for damages for the family of a man who died of mesothelioma. The case was hard fought and court proceedings were issued in the High Court in London.

A good settlement however was achieved, including compensation for the family for the care they provided to their late father during the period when he was incapacitated by reason of his illness and unable to care for himself.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial compensation claims advice.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) claims

We are experienced in representing victims of violent crime and obtaining compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

We have represented victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome, who have gone on to suffer a lifelong brain injury, and crimes such as stabbings where the victim has gone on to die.

We recently assisted a family where the child was the victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome, suffering from life changing and lifelong injuries.  We were able to obtain appropriate compensation to ensure that the child would be cared for throughout her life.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial compensation claims advice.

Employers Liability Claim Following a Foot Injury 

Augustines acted for an HGV driver who suffered a crushing injury to his foot when walking across the warehouse floor where he worked. Another employee drove a forklift truck over a large metal ramp which raised up an fell on to the client`s foot. Unfortunately the forklift truck driver continued to drive over the ramp trapping and crushing the Client`s foot between the ramp and the floor.

Our Client's Injury

Our client suffered fractures to the long bones in the foot along with soft tissue and nerve damage. He experienced considerable pain and discomfort and was unable to work for a number of weeks. The client also worked as a Healthcare Assistant and was unable to do that work also. In fact the injury was so severe he was unable to return to his second job.

The Client was left with pain pins and needles and numbness in his foot which he was told would unfortunately be permanent. The injury affected not only his two jobs but also his social activities as by the end of a normal working day he was in too much discomfort to resume his pre-accident hobbies including riding his motorcycle.

How did we help?

Due to the seriousness of the injury the claimant recovered a substantial five figure settlement following the issue of court proceedings.  The medical expert commented that the client should be credited for having returned to work at all as the type of injury he suffered may have prevented many people from working again.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial personal injury claims advice.

Stress at Work Claims

We recently succeeded at trial in a claim for a senior nurse who made a claim for compensation for psychiatric injury, caused by stress at work.

These cases are always hard fought and it was particularly pleasing to win a claim at trial after a week in court.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial personal injury claims advice.

Tobias Phethean-Hubble -v- Sam Coles (RTA)

John Webster represented a 16 year old cyclist who suffered catastrophic brain injuries when he was hit by a car when riding his bicycle outside the Leisure Centre in Whitchurch, Bristol.  Toby cycled from the pavement onto the road and was struck from behind by the Defendant, who was driving his car above the 30 mile per hour speed limit.

The case was disputed by the Defendant's insurance company throughout.

The case went to trial in the High Court in London and the Claimant won his case, but the judge found him to be one third to blame for the accident and his damages were reduced by that percentage.

The Defendants appealed, arguing that the car driver was blameless.  The case went to the Court of Appeal a year later and they threw out the Appeal by the Defendants, but increased the level of contributory negligence to 50%.

Interim payments were obtained on behalf of Toby to enable him to move from his Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit and into accommodation of his own with his care team to gain some independence and a better quality of life.

After much argument and with the assistance of a great deal of expert evidence, damages of £5.3million (after deduction of 50% for the contributory negligence) were obtained for Toby and approved by the High Court in 2013.

Augustines Injury Law can advise on specialist accident claims involving catastrophic brain injuries, such as this.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial accident claims advice.

Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (RSI)

We acted for a lady who worked as a nurse in a cardiac centre. She regularly had to carry out a task at work which involved her having to press down on patient's femoral arteries after they had had a cardiac angiogram.  She described the task as being strenuous in that it placed a great deal of strain on her elbows.  She said that her elbows would be in a locked position and that she had to apply a lot of pressure.  She told us that she made complaints about the system of work and pointed out that medical devices were available which could have been used to avoid her having to carry out the task manually.

She alleged that as a result of doing the task she suffered significant left elbow problems requiring surgery.  Her employer denied liability claiming that the system of work was safe, that they had not been negligent, and that even if they were found to have been negligent, their negligence had not caused the elbow injury.

We took the case to court and won.  Our client was awarded a five figure sum of compensation.

Our client was very pleased with the service we provided and the outcome.  She said:

"I was very happy with the service which I received from you and your company over the three years of my case. You were very supportive and helpful through what was a very stressful experience, which finally ended in a positive outcome".

Augustines Injury Law can advise on cases involving work related limb disorders such as this.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial personal injury claims advice.

Personal Injury Arising out of Sexual Abuse

Our client was a vulnerable adult and suffered from a period of abuse which began during in-patient hospital treatment, continued during further out-patient treatment and then at her sheltered accommodation following discharge.

The employee admitted and was convicted of the offences against our client and received a custodial sentence.

The personal injury claim was pursued against the treating NHS Trust, on the basis that an employer can be liable for the acts or omissions of its employees, if it can be shown that these took place in the course of their employment.

We sent a very detailed letter of claim, following which the Trust admitted liability and the case was settled out of court.

Our client was very pleased with the outcome of her case. The claim involved sensitive issues and our client was very nervous about the claims process and stated that the fee earner dealing with her claim "put me at ease, she gave me highly professional advice and kindly updated me by phone, she showed kindness in ending my case and offered phone help if I need it".

Augustines Injury Law can provide specialist legal advice and support with sensitive cases, such as this.

Call us on 0117 314 5400 for free, impartial personal injury claims advice.

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