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Key Information Documents - What Employment Businesses Need to Know.

on Thursday, 06 February 2020.

Employment businesses must provide a Key Information Document before agreeing terms of business with new workers engaged from 6 April 2020.

What are the Requirements for Key Information Documents?

Key Information Documents must:

  • be separate from any other documents provided to the worker
  • have the title 'Key Information Document'
  • have an explanatory introduction
  • be easy to understand
  • be no longer than two sides of A4
  • must include specific information

What Should Key Information Documents Include?

Key Information Documents must include:

  • a contract type - contract for services, apprenticeship, other?
  • the name of the employment business - are you their employer?
  • who will pay the worker
  • rate of pay - the exact rate if possible or the minimum rate of pay, for instance National Minimum Wage
  • pay intervals - how often will the worker be paid?
  • statutory deductions - list and describe any deductions from pay required by law, such as tax
  • non-statutory deductions - deductions made that are not required by law, eg private healthcare
  • any fees for goods or services that the worker is charged for - are workers charged for DBS checks?
  • any other benefits received
  • leave entitlement - paid holiday and any other leave
  • representative example statement

A representative example statement should be a simple table showing a worked example of how the worker's pay and deductions will be applied. Start with gross pay and then list any deductions until you reach the net remuneration payable to the worker after all deductions, fees, charges and benefits.

Supplementary information required where umbrella companies are used or the worker will be paid via an intermediary:

  • the name of intermediary or umbrella company and any business connection between the employment business and the intermediary (if any)
  • rates paid to the intermediary/umbrella company, and any statutory and non-statutory deductions that will be made to those rates. Also, any other reasons for differences between what the employment business pays the intermediary/umbrella company and what the worker is paid
  • Any opt-outs?

Key Information Documents must also be supplied to workers who contract through their personal service company and have opted-out of the rest of the Conduct Regulations.

Ensure you have your template Key Information Documents ready and that you understand the requirements by 6 April 2020.

If you need any further advice on these requirements or would like help drafting your Key Information Documents, please contact Nadjia Zychowicz in our Employment Law team on 01923 919 375, or complete the form below.

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